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At Subzero Cold Logistics we serve all types of food related businesses and we can serve all your needs as well. Come join our family of storage and transportation customers and you will see why our loyal customers love to partner with our team and benefit from our innovative cold chain solutions.

Cold Chain Solutions

From manufacturers and processors to growers and fisheries we provide competitive professional storage and asset based transportation services for every step of your business.

We are CFIA and HACCP approved at Subzero. We are your one stop cold chain solution providing storage and transportation excellence.

SubZero Clients

Manufacturers / Processors

We provide value-added services from all aspects of manufacturing and processing. This includes storage of raw materials, shipping raw materials to customers, receiving finished goods into storage and shipping it to your customer. SubZero can be involved in as much or as little as you require.


We are a consolidation depot for the retail supply chain. We provide services to distribution centres, grocery chains, retail store outlets and restaurants. SubZero can ship products to one retail customer at a time or multiple customers.


SubZero provides services to many independently owned and operated businesses. Not only do we work with independent businesses, we also want to learn about what our customer requires to help them grow. Many of our customers have started as small proprietorships and over the past 20 plus years have grown into amazing success stories. We are very proud to say that we have helped to support them to grow along the way.


A large portion of our business is serving the wholesale grocery and food service sector. We provide storage and transportation services for fast and slower moving items to replenish wholesalers or deliver directly to stores. We also act as an enclosure and consolidation depot for Distribution Centers and vendors alike.

Growers Import/Export

We provide services to to all types of growers, importers and exporters. We have the capabilities and expertise to pick up from farms, docks or ports, store and inventory your goods and ship fresh and frozen products anywhere.

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